About Company of 西染工株式会社

山本 敏明

TOSIAKI TAMAMOTO   The representative of the company

There are few craftsmen whom both the thread and the cloth are dyed into precisely.
But we can dye both the thread and the cloth.

We have challenged a difficult condition consistently.and we always have gotten a result. we made it possible to dye it with the natural dye which must change how to handle day by day.

We succeeded in coloring the natural material in the natural dye. and, We can be dyed in large quantities keeping constant quality.

We do not want to say that we "cannot color it".


He is regarded as a new leader of the industry whole of Imabari-shi as well as textile industry.


The history of NISHI SENNKOH Co.ltd

And Toshiaki Yamamoto

The establishment of a business period 
To regain the beautiful color of the hometownFather of Toshiaki Yamamoto which was the current president returned home in Imabari after the defeat. The hometown was bombed and became debris. he was disappointed, and, as for him, a beautiful hometown thought that it had been in the monochromatic world. he intended to regain a beautiful color once again in the hometown. he attended ascetic practices in Nishijin which was a center of the textile production of our country.And he became an excellent craftsman of the dyeing.He opened small dyeworks in a hometown.
The foundation of the company
With development of the towel textile industry of ImabariImabari that it was the production center of cotton textiles from the Middle Ages, but was only one of a certain number production center.However, from the latter half of 1950's, Imabari became the production center that went the first place of our country, and the name came to be known to even Western countries.The small factory grew up in the leading factory in Imabari, and he established a company in November, 1968. This is NISH SENKOH Co.ltd.
Be inherited in Toshiaki Yamamoto
Sense of color Japanese in the wider rangeToshiaki Yamamoto watches working father and was brought up, and father is his teacher.And Toshiaki Yamamoto challenged the dyeing of various fields as well as a towel.When he inherited a company, he was going to exceed not only the towel but also the frame of cotton textiles.Until 1970's, our country gave priority to effectiveness and developed dyeing with the chemical dye.However, he established the mass production system by the natural dye against the flow quickly.In addition, he challenged that he colored the natural fiber daringly.And he became the important person who pulled the making of organic textile in our country when 90's began. He is going to send the skill toward an overseas customer now as well as the country.
山本敏明(弊社 代表取締役)は父の働く姿を見ながら育ちました。そして彼の父は、彼の師匠でもあります。しかし、彼は、タオルだけでなく、様々な分野の染色に挑戦してきました。わが国は、1970年代頃まで、効率性を優先して化学染料による染色を発達させてきましたが、山本はいち早く天然染料による量産体制を確立しました。同様に、天然繊維を染める技術の開発にも果敢に挑戦し、90年代に入る頃には、オーガニック・ムーブメントを牽引する技能職のひとりとして数えられるようになりました。そして、今。彼は、その技能を、国内のみならず、海外の顧客に向け発信しようと新たな試みに着手しています。